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Working Hunter Show at Starlight 2nd April 2017   Well…what wonderful weather greeted us on Sunday afternoon for a relaxed Working Hunter competition. The 50 cm class was split into Seniors and Juniors…and under judge Fiona Byford and steward Sue Trussler…..Astrid Cuddigan and her wonderful mare Lulu took the senior honours….with Soffia Cynwyl and Sparty jumping a super round to clinch the Junior section. In the 65 cm class…Mariette Sibley and Crunchie were the deserved winners of the red rosette. The final class 75 cm was won by Christine Selby and Diamond Lady……which was a great achievement as Christine took a tumble in the second class.
Huge thanks to Fiona and Sue for fab judging and stewarding……to Petra James for building a cracking course….to Chia James for taking entries……Muriel Gill for refreshments and H&SE officer at the outdoor warm up….Judith Allen for First Aid/door monitor and Ian Morgan for door monitor/pole picker…and to all of you who provided the lush cakes.
A great big THANK YOU also to those who helped take down the jumps and to Team Starlight for beautifully presented arenas.
This concludes the indoor season until September…very much looking forward to seeing you all at our May show.
Class 1 50 cm Seniors
1st Astrid Cuddigan & Lulu
2nd Petra James & Lucy
3rd Christine Selby & Diamond Lady
4th Mariette Sibley & Crunchie
1st Soffia Cynwyl & Sparty
2nd William & Teddy
3rd Ellie & Biscuit
Class 2 65 cm
1st Mariette Sibley & Crunchie
2nd Petra James & Lucy
3rd Soffia Cynwyl & Sparty
4th Astrid Cuddigan & Lulu
5th Sarah Morgan & Ellis
6th Stacie & Lady Penelope
Class 3 75 cm
1st Christine Selby & Diamond Lady
2nd Petra James & Lulu
3rd Stacie & Lady Penelope
4th Sarah Morgan & Ellis

Astrid & Lulu
50cm winners
Soffia & Sparty Junior
 50cm winner
Mariette & Crunchie
65 cm winner
Christine & Lady
75cm winners

Tivyside Family show Sunday 14th May 2017......schedule

CONGRATULATIONS to the Tivyside Red Birds team of Jo Collins, Sarah Morgan, Debbie Merrick and Kate Davis for their 2nd place at the Area 21 FOTH Combined Training at Beacons on the 18th March.....and to Jo and Tom Jones for her 3rd place in her section...

CONGRATULATIONS to Maddy Adams and Your Archie for winning her Junior section of the Area 21 FOTH Combined Training at Beacons on 18th March....
results are at www.brcarea21.co.uk

Rally dates with Anita Freter at Bailey Farm
Sunday 9th April
Sunday 16th April
Sunday 23rd April - Anita can't make this one...an alternative instrutor will take this session
If you would like to book in please text Muriel 07940 488301

Evening showjumping lessons with Petra James at Bailey Farm
These are continuing through March on:

Friday 31st
To book in please contact Petra James on 07977 210660

Abigail Morgan &
Ballylea Night Cruiser
Best Pure Bred
Christine Selby &
Diamond Lady
winner of Best Part Bred
& RC horse
Paula Brightman &
Roscoe winner of
Part Bred In hand
& RC In Hand

A cold day but a warm welcome at Tivyside Riding Club Show at Starlight Sunday 5th March
An excellent day’s competition was held at this popular local venue, the last of the winter and a big Thank You to Team Starlight for always providing an immaculate venue.

We opened the day with the showing classes with Abigail Morgan and her gorgeous Connemara Ballylea Night Cruiser taking the honours with a foot prefect show. In the Part Bred ridden section Christine Selby and the lovely Diamond Lady produced a smooth show to take the first prize. In the In Hand section Paula Brightman and her super Roscoe stole the judges’ heart to take the top spot. The Riding Club Horse/Pony saw Christine Selby and lovely Diamond Lady come out top again whilst In Hand Paula Brightman and Roscoe repeated their earlier first place. A big thank you to judge Brenda Burden.

The dressage saw some lovely tests with Vicki Hirst & her Sec D Equinox winning the Intro C and Catrin Wilshaw and the evergreen Gorfelyn Serena clinching the junior section under judge Alison Dowling. In the Prelim 7 judge Tammy Springett had Joanna Collins and her Sec D Tom Jones in first place with Ella Drewett and Ted the leading junior. In the final class of the day the Prelim 14 there was a repeat first placing for Jo Collins and Tom Jones.

A huge THANK YOU goes to all of the judges, steward and writer and caller Judith Allen, writer Sarah Lewis, scorers Chia James and Muriel Gill who also called and helped with refreshments, Petra James steward and door monitor, Anna Wilshaw for refreshments and caller and to all who provided the delicious cakes.
We look forward to seeing you all again in the Autumn
Showing Best Pure Bred
1st Abigail Morgan & Ballylea Night Cruiser
2nd Sarah Morgan & Johnnie TRC
3rd Jemma Raynor & Buddy
4th Catrin Wilshaw & Gorfelyn Serena
Best Part Bred - Ridden

1st Christine Selby & Diamond Lady
2nd Tracy Mazcka & Charm
3rd Ruth Mazcka & Malibu
In Hand

1st Paula Brightman & Roscoe
2nd Helen Thomson & Donny
3rd Anna Wilshaw & Kevin
Riding Club Horse/Pony – Ridden

1st Christine Selby & Diamond Lady
2nd Catrin Wilshaw & Gorfelyn Serena
3rd Ruth Mazcka & Malibu
4th Louise Harries & Nala
5th Tracy Mazcka & Charm
6th Lynetta Harrison & Thomas
In Hand

1st Paula Brightman & Roscoe
2nd Helen Thomspon & Donny
3rd Anna Wilshaw & Kevin

Intro C

1st Vicki Hirst & Equinox
2nd Joanna Collins & Tom Jones
3rd Rhianne Cruikshank & Caviar
4th Christine Selby& Diamond Lady
5th Louise Harries & Nala
6th Helen Thompson & Donny
1st Katrin Wilshaw & Gorfelyn Serena
2nd Ella Drewett &Ted
3rd Ruth Maczka & Malibu  
Prelim 7
1st Joanna Collins & Tom Jones
2nd Mia Watt & Fabella         
3rd Louise Harries & Nala   
4th Rhianne Cruikshank & Caviar   
5th Vicki Hirst & Equinox
6th Christine Selby & Diamond Lady
1st Ella Drewett & Ted 
Prelim 14
1st Joanna Collins & Tom Jones       
2nd Mia Watt & Fabella         
3rd Netty Jukes & Meg     
4th Ella Drewett & Ted  

Jo Collins and Tom Jones 60 & 65cmKate Davis & VernonHannah Havard & Bam Bam

What a fab day we had at Bailey Farm on Sunday 19th Feb
Fab courses built by Petra…and excellent riding by all…a really fun afternoon.
The first class clear round  only had one entry …..and to say she was the cutest ever rider is no understatement…Little Harriet Davies riding Ollie negotiated her way around the course with ease to claim her clear round.
Jo Collins or was we alike to call ‘Winner Collins’ cleaned up with 2 classes under her belt, taking the 6o cm and 65 cm with Tom Jones who was flying today.
Kate Davies and Vernon…or ‘Digger’ as he is now known…took the 75 cm class with ease….whilst Hannah Havard and her gorgeous girl Bam Bam secured victory in the 80 cm class…good practice for the Area SJ next weekend at Beacons. All of the team members used to day as practice…so best of luck to them all.
Big thanks to Petra James for her excellent courses, Chia James for entries and Muriel Gill and Sarah Lewis for refreshment duty. Thanks also to Anna Wilshaw…arena party…., Jenny Linfoot and Judith Allen for providing the homemade cakes. The Air Ambulance made £13.00.
Class 2 – 60cm
1st Jo Collins & Tom Jones
2nd Dawn Hodson & Sam
3rd Kate Davis & Tim
Class 3 – 65cm
1st Jo Collins & Tom Jones
2nd Hannah Havard and Bam Bam
3rd Dawn Hodson & Sam
4th Kate Davis & Vernon
Class 4 – 75cm
1st Kate Davis & Vernon
2nd Maddie Adams & Alfie
3rd Hannah Havard and Bam Bam
4th Christine Selby & Lady
Class 5 80cm
1st Hannah Havard and Bam Bam
2nd Celia Summers & China
3rd Kate Davis & Vernon
4th Christine Selby & Lady

***UPDATE 3rd March 2017***
The coach will be leaving Midway Motors, Crymych SA41 3QU at 6am. It will leave Badminton at 5pm......

The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials

Wednesday 3rd May 2017

Tivyside Riding Club is sending a 33 seater coach to The Badminton Horse Trials Grass Roots show jumping and cross country day. All the shops will be open as well as the competition. 
The cost of the day which includes the cost of the bus and entry for one person to the venue is £15 per person. Children 12 years and under are free admission but will pay £10 for the bus. 
We need a minimum of 12 people for the BRC discount and it will be on a first come first served basis.
If you would like to book a place , please send a cheque for £15 made payable to TIVYSIDE RIDING CLUB to :
Judith Allen, Maes Y Meillion, Aberporth, Cardigan SA43 2HX by Friday 31st March 2017. No telephone, email or FB messages will be accepted or entered in to make a booking.

Dates for your diary….
19th February - Members Only Jumping show at Bailey Farm
To include classes for the 80 cm and 90 cm Area Show Jumping practice.
28th February - Top Spec talk - Grosvenor, Cardigan
5th March - TRC Open Show at Starlight Classes TBC

Area 21 Novice & Intermediate Show Jumping Qualifier, Beacons Equestrian 25th February 2017
If you would like to be on a team or ride as an individual in the Novice 80cm or Intermediate 90cm please contact Petra 07977210660 or message her.
Your horse will need to be correctly vaccinated and you will need to pay your entry fee  - amount to be confirmed – by the 1st of February 2017 We will be holding a show jumping afternoon at Bailey Farm on 19th February with an 80 and 90 cm track to practice over.

Area 21 Combined Training Qualifier, Beacons Equestrian 18th March 2017 If you would like to be on a team or ride as an individual in the Prelim 75cm/BRC Horse Trials Test TBC or Novice 85cm/BRC Horse Trials Test TBC, please contact Petra 07977210660 or message her.

2 team members ride Prelim Dressage and 75 cm and two ride Novice Dressage and 85cm. Your horse will need to be correctly vaccinated and you will need to pay your entry fee  - amount to be confirmed – by the 20th of February 2017.


If you are competing/wishing to compete in Area qualifers for 2017 please read these important rule changes/updates before you compete.

General rules ammendments    Tack rule ammendments

British Riding Clubs Grassroots Dressage & Show Jumping competitions

The Grassroots Points League is a new opportunity for all BRC Members

All Dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) and Show Jumping (60cms & 70cms) competitors can gain points at BRC Club organised competitions. Area Qualifiers and National level competitions will not count.
Points can be gained when competing at BRC Club organised competitions only.

It's so simple, just follow these easy steps
1. Download and print your blank points card from the BRC website, and check out the rules at www.bhs.org.uk/enjoy-riding/british-riding-clubs.aspx
2. Compete at any Dressage (Walk & Trot and Prelim Level) or Show Jumping (60cms & 70cms) BRC Club organised competition.
3. Ask the Secretary at the event to confirm your placing with their signature.
4. Post your completed points card back to BRC HQ by the 7th of the following month.
5. Finally, wait for the results.

You may win a fantastic prize!

Rosettes, trophies and prizes are provided in kind, to include a training session with a world class trainer.

For photos from the show please visit stormequinephotography.co.uk


As of 1st January 2016 the new hat ruling comes in to force. Only the hats marked with the standards below will be allowable at ANY Tivyside Riding Club competition. Please ensure you have the correct hat as you may face elimination for non compliance.
*PAS015 (1998 or 2011) & BSI kite mark
*VGC1 01.040 (20014-12) & BSI kite mark
*ASTM F1163 (2004a or 04a onwards) & SEI mark
*SNELL E2001 & official SNELL number
*AS/NZS 3838 (2006 onwards) & SAI global mark
for pictures see here

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