Results from TRC Member's Only Dressage 18th Feb '24.
Class 1 Intro A
1st Sophie Spiteri Agent Sanois 72.60%
2nd Chris Vaughan Derek
3rd Branwen Davies Ginger Spice 67.39%
4th Amy Sibley. Ross.
67.17% 5th Carys Williams. Emyr. 66.96%
6th Netty Jukes Megs. 66.30%
Class 2 Prelim 14
1st Amy Sibley. Ross. 68.46%
2nd Sophie Spiteri Agent Sanois 68.46%
3rd Carys Williams Emyr. 66.73%
4th Rianne Fulton Moji 66.34%
5th Jo Collins Towie 65.96%
6th Fiona Lander Crunchie 65.38%
Class 3 Novice 27
1st Rianne Fulton Moji 75.89%
2nd Wendy Roberts Miss May 75.89%
3rd Anna Bowen Mystical Jadeite 71.43%
Class 4 Novice 23
Hannah Warren Poppins 88.54%
Louise Le Geyt Do You Love Me 88.12%
Leanne Best Rhubarb 86.66%
Gaynor Macefield Flash man 83.33%
Wendy Roberts Miss May 80.42%
Anna Bowen Mystical Jadeite 79.16%
Class 5 Elementary 40
Louise Le Geyt Do You Love Me 81.93%
Hannah Warren Popplns 81.45%
Gaynor Macefield Flash man 78.39%
Leanne Best Rhubarb 77.26%
Sue Thomas Amber 76.77%


To all who came and supported the TRC Members Only Showjumping at Bailey Farm.

Thank you to our judges Tracy Mac and Netty Jukes, Secretary Sheila Coles ably assisted by Muriel Gill, to Tea Lady Jenny Linfoot and all who donated the vast array of cakes sold in aid of The Welsh Air Ambulance.
Diolch yn fawr 😀

**Members' Dressage Sunday, 12 November 2023**

Thank you to all who supported the TRC Members Only Dressage.
It was a great day's competition and did you know that you were judged by BD Wales' Judge of the Year 2023!
Thank you Rebecca Morris and CONGRATULATIONS on all your hard work and dedication.
Thank you too to Tracy Mac for your secretarial duties and as writer ably assisted by Ruth Mac.
Thanks to scorer Muriel Gill and trainee Karen Jones.
Thanks also to members who helped out by cake baking and tea making - Jo Collins, door opening and scorer collecting - Netty Jukes.
Well done to all prize winners and those who came and took part at our relaxed, informal and educational outing👏 👍

1st - Michaela Just and Jerry with 73.91%
2nd - Kerry Knight and Diffy with 67.82%
3rd - Jo Collins and Towie with 65.87%
4th - Ruth Maczka and Coco with 65.43%
1st - Chris Vaughan and Sooty with 71.92%
2nd - Leanne Best and Rhubarb with 69.23%
3rd - Ruth Maczka and Coco with 68.46%
4th - Michaela Just and Jerry with 67.69%
1st - Leanne Best and Rhubarb with 71.46%
2nd - Emily Anthony and Clyde with 64.17%
3rd - Wendy Roberts and Betty with 63.13%
4th - Anna Bowen and Mystical Jadeite with 61.88%
1st - Leanne Best and Rhubarb with 68.13%
2nd - Wendy Roberts and Betty with 60.16%

Well done to all who competed and thank you all for your continued support!
Diolch yn fawr iawn pawb 😊

**TRC Members Only SJ 03 Sep 23**

Thank you so very much to the members for supporting the SJ Show at Bailey Farm.
Thanks to Carian Scudamore for the great course and facilities available for TRC members to enjoy competing in a safe but fun atmosphere.Thank you to Committee members who gave up their Sunday for the good of the club and made cakes for all to enjoy and benefit TRC's chosen charity of The Welsh Air Ambulance.
We ran the first 2 classes as Clear Round - Poles on the Ground and the Cross Poles so started with the 55cm as a class which saw Connor Ridding with Albie securing his first win in his first competition in the Junior Section.
In the Seniors, it was a win for...
1st Mariette Sibley and Hobbit,
2nd Amber Eldridge and Loco,
3rd Sarah Morgan with Johnny.
CLASS 4 60cm.
1st Jim Fox on Echo,
2nd Mariette Sibley on Hobbit,
3rd Sian Morgan on Dougie,
4th Sarah Morgan on Johnny,
5th Connor Ridding on Albie,
6th Amber Elridge on Loco.
CLASS 5 70cm.
1st Jo Collins with Tom Jones,
2nd Jason James with Dusty,
3rd Sophie Spiteri with Dodge,
4th Jim Fox with Echo,
5th Amber Eldridge with Loco,
6th Sian Morgan with Dougie.
CLASS 6 80cm.
1st Jo Collins riding Tom Jones,
2nd Sophie Spiteri riding Dodge.
Well done all and THANK YOU! 🙂



Results from Sunday 11 Jun 23 SJ show!

Thank you to everyone for coming along and a huge thank you to our organisers and helpers!

Great fun was had by all.

Fun in the sun at the Area 21 summer dressage held at the Carmarthen showground on the 3rd June 2023 , no team this year for Tivyside but some fantastic scores from all individuals who competed , with Kerry Anne Knight winning the intro B class and new to Riding club junior member Emily Anthony winning her Prelim 1 so both going on to the championship in September if they so choose . Well done also to Eleri Morgan and Leanne Best for super scores in there tests too .
Thank you to Cwmaman Riding club for a lovely well run show , awesome cakes by Fiona , worth going just for those cakes 😋 , Thank you to Muriel Gill for being top support to the riders on the day, Julia Morris for writing , Tracy Maczka for her official duties and to all others that volunteer their time to help these events run smoothly.


Tivyside Members' Dressage held at Starlight Riding Centre

12 March 2023

Results from today's dressage
Well done to all who competed!
Lovely to see you all and thank you to everyone that helped 🙂


Tivyside Christmas Show Results 2022:

BRC Area 21 Intermediate Winter Dressage Area Competition 2022 Results :

Junior Teams;   1st.   Cwmaman - Pheobe Greenaway - Megan.                                    Team Score
                                                            Gwen Howells - Ezmak Zidan
                                                             Connie Smales - Olympic Flame
                                                             Natasha Coles - Singing Ultra Flash                                3

                           2nd   Dyffryn Paith - Enlli Lywd Puw - Dash of Flash
                                                              Anniemay James - Corscaron Seren Wib
                                                              Liberty Wilkins - Reno Nevada
                                                              Becca Fleming Jenkins - Tidestream.                             6

Junior Individual P14 ;       1st - Pheobe Greenaway - Megan              72.12%
                                               2nd - Gwen Howells - Ezmak Zidan.          68.46%
                                               3rd - Enlli Lwyd Puw - Dash of Flash.        68.27%
                                               4th - Maisie Sandford - Bermo's Silver.     60.19%

                               P18 ;       1st - Pheobe Greenaway - Megan.             71.15%
                                               2nd - Enlli Lwyd Puw - Dash of Flash        69.42%
                                               3rd - Gwen Howells - Ezmak Zidan.           67.50%
                                               4th - Maisie Sandford - Bermo's Silver.     61.15%

                               N28.        1st - Becca Fleming- Jenkins.                     66.67%
                                                2nd - Connie Smale - Olympic Flame.     64.17%
                                                3rd - Liberty Wilkins - Reno Nevada        61.88%

                               N30         1st - Natasha Coles - Singing Ultra Flash 71.35%
                                                2nd - Becca Fleming Jenkins -Tidestream 64.52%
                                                3rd - Liberty Wilkins - Reno Nevada.        59.23%

                               E42.         1st - Natasha Coles - Singing Ultra Flash 68.60%

Senior Teams      1st  Cwmaman - Linda Thomas - Comdovey Freedom.                Team Score.
                                                             Amy Wilde.      -Blackthorne Panache
                                                             Sophie Jones.  - Zraig Welsh Dragon.                     4
                                                             Lara Davies      -

                               2nd  Tivyside   -  Krissie Davies.  - Guapo
                                                             Eleri Morgans   - Haighmoor Miss Millie
                                                             Wendy Roberts - Miss May.                                        5
                                                             Hannah Warren - Penstrumbly Mary Poppins

                               3rd Cwmaman -  Kelsey Yelland  - Wesley
                                                              Caroline Gregg - Tangible Encentive
                                                              Cath Gravell.     -  Majestic Footprints.                    7
                                                              Amy Wilde.        -  Spotted Warrior

                               4th Towy Valley- Cat Mayes.         -  Greenvale Diego
                                                              Kirsty Morgan    - Linda Vicktoria
                                                              Lara Griffiths.    -  Blackthorne Beauty.                  10                 
                                                              Karen Manley.   -  Lyndell Solitude

                               5th  Gower      -   Julie James        -  Twrgwym Archie
                                                              Johanna McLernon - Newferry Double Diamond
                                                              Rachel Hurley    -  Dusty Fox.                                     12
                                                              Lindsey Jones.   -   Ace of Spaces V11

                               6th  Cwmaman  - Amanda Jones  -  ABC Indy Niall
                                                               Rhianedd Oxenham - Issactown Boy.                      15
                                                               Teresa Arbour   -Ginger Biscuit

                               7th  Gower.         - Lowri Caswell   - Redberth Roullette
                                                               Laura Jane Davies - This Lovely Lady
                                                                Mali Louise Jones -  Bethelholyman.                      18

Senior Individuals   P18         1st -  Linda Thomas   -  Comdovey Freedom.            70.77%
                                                     2nd - Krissie Davies    -  Guapo.                                    69.81%
                                                     3rd  - Cat Mayes.         -  Greenvale Diego.                  67.12%
                                                     4th  - Kelsey Yelland  -  Wesley.                                    65.77%
                                                     5th  - Suzie Pugh.       -  Westceffle Poppy.                 65.58%

                                   N28.          1st  - Sophie Jones     -  Zraig Welsh Dragon.            70.00%
                                                     2nd - Amy Wilde         -  Blackthorne Panache.          69.58%
                                                     3rd  - Suzie Pugh.       -  Westceffle Poppy.                 68.13%
                                                     4th -  Linda Thomas   -  Comdovey Freedom.            67.92%
                                                     5th -  Emma Chamberline - Gunner of Gi.                  66.46%
                                                     6th -  Lara Davies.      -                           65.63%

                                  N30.          1st  - Kelsey Yelland  -  Wesley.                                     69.62%
                                                    2nd - Hannah Warren - Penstrumbly Mary Poppins  69.04%
                                                    3rd  - Kath Gravell.     -  Majestic Footprints.               68.65%
                                                    4th  - Sophie Jones.    - Zraig Welsh Dragon.               68.27%
                                                    5th  - Karen Manley   -  Lyndell Solitude.                     65.38%
                                                    6th  - Claire Morice    -  Rhodair Ash's Dream.              63.65%

                                  E42.          1st  - Hannah Warren - Penstrumbly Mary Poppins    69.84%
                                                    2nd - Eiry Bonner.       - Fear Anti.                                   66.90%
                                                    3rd  - Amy Wilde         - Spotted Warrior.                       65.78%
                                                    4th  - Teresa Arbour   - Ginger Biscuit                            65.47%
                                                    5th  - Karen Manley.   - Lyndell Solitude.                      64.38%
                                                    6th  - Lara Davies.       -                             62.97%

 BRC National Championships Results 2022 :

The following status is from TRC member Hannah McLoughlin following her success at the Championships:

"BRC National Championships Final at Lincoln .

Individual winner placed 5th in a strong class of 70 odd competitor's for the 90 class! In the 1m class 1 clear 1 fence down 😔
Kerry Kight did a fantastic dressage with and amazing 4th place at her first RC championships 💪
9 hour journey worth it! fantastic atmosphere as always here. Team Tivyside Riding Club"

A Huge well done to you both from all at Tivyside Riding Club!!

Sunday 21st August - Afternoon Dressage Results:

 Huge Success for Tivyside at the 2022 Summer Showjumping Area Competition:

Yesterday Tivyside Riding Club enjoyed a very successful day at Gower RC who were hosting the Area 21 SJ Qualifier for the National Championships in Lincoln later this year.
The competition was held on grass - a bit of a novelty these days - so the ups & downs and humps & lumps of a grass arena played their part.
The day started early with the Style Jumping where in the 75cm class junior member Ruth Maczka and the lovely Coco Alley had a 2nd place, followed by Petra James and Blodyn y Pasg who were also 2nd in the senior section. In the 85cm Style Amy Sibley and the irrepressible Lyndell Cherry Blossom won the Junior class.
Then on to the Showjumping in the 70cm class Ruth and Coco jumped 2 great rounds to go one better this time and win the Junior 70 SJ. Petra and Blodwen jumped a double clear meaning they had to jump off for individual places in the seniors. Another clear and fast securing them 1st place.
The 80cm and 80 Open class TRC were represented by Petra and Blodwen who had an eventual 4th place just knocking down the 1st jump in the second round and Louise LeGeyt and Quarter of (Doriz) who were in the Open section where they jumped a lovely double clear and made it into the jump off and were just pipped into 2nd place by less than a second.
In the 90 class junior representative Amy and Blossom jumped 2 accomplished rounds for a win in that section. Tivyside had a team in the seniors comprising of Louise and Doriz, Petra and The Protagonist and Hannah Mcloughlin riding Corvisto. All horses and riders put in great jumping efforts over the 2 rounds for a Team win with Hannah 1st individual, Petra 2nd and Louise 3rd. A Tivyside white wash!
Last class of the day was the 100cm where Hannah and Corvisto jumped 2 super rounds for yet another win for them and of course TIVYSIDE RIDING CLUB!
Many thanks go to Gower RC for hosting the competition and to our TRC helpers of Rob Humfrey, Mariette Sibley and Tracy Maczka for sterling work manning the entrance to the ring. Thank you very much from all our competing competitors!

February Members only SJ Show Results:

Class 1   X-Poles:
1st    Petra James       Whistler
2nd  Jim Fox                 Echo
3rd  Sarah Morgan     Johnny
4th    Alice Martin        Fern

Class 2  55cms:
1st     Petra James       Twinkle
2nd   Jim Fox                 Echo
3rd    Jason James       Poptart
4th    Georgia James   Cabot
5th    Alice Martin         Fern
6th    Eleri Morgans       Millie

Class 3  60cms:
1st    Belinda Price         Quincy
2nd   Jim Fox                    Echo
3rd   Eleri Morgans         Lucy
4th   Rachel Bailey          Melody
5th   Amy Sibley              Hobbit
6th    Leanne Best          Dinks

Class 4  70cms:
1st   Hannah Mc Loughlan   Corvisto
2nd  Leanne Best                    Dinks
3rd   Ruth Maczka                   Coco
4th   Belinda Price                  Quincy
5th   Petra James                    Blodwen
6th   Georgia James               Cabot

Class 5   80cms:
1st   Hannah Mc Loughlan   Corvisto
2nd  Amy Sibley                      Blossom
3rd   Petra James                   Blodwen
4th   Leanne Best                   Dinks
5th   Ruth Maczka                  Coco

Class 6  80cms Plus:
1st    Amy Sibley                Blossom
2nd   Ruth Maczka            Coco

 January 2022 Members Only Dressage Results:

Christmas Show 2021 Results :

26.09.21 - Members only Show Results - Bailey Farm

All Photos available here : External link opens in new tab or window

A big thank you to our show Photographer Sian Broderick of Maine Image Photography.

22.08.21 - Members only Dressage Show held at Bailey Farm

External link opens in new tab or windowClick here to view the images - Thank you to Sian Broderick of Mane Image Photography

08.08.2021 - Members only showjumping show held at Bailey Farm

Click Here to view the pictures from the mounted prize giving.